Thanks for being patient with us.
We've been out of circulation for a few weeks due to a heart attack and urgent triple bypass surgery!
Life sure surprises you when you least expect it.  Recovery is going well and we look forward to seing you all this weekend. Unfortunately the set back has meant we haven't got songs arranged for Sunday morning, so will modify the programme.  If anyone has a song or two arranged for groups in say three parts and would like to share for use on Sunday, you can email them through to

You wanted to strum along a lot, you wanted to have lots of opportunities for open mic and you asked for workshops too, (in fact the list was quite challenging). You thought about the newbies and wanted to encourage them to come along. You said you'd like a concert and you said we didn't necessarily need high-profile people, just the opportunity to meet for the enjoyment of it.

THRUM Programme Sorted!

Saturday 27 July QE Health Recreation Hall

Access from Memorial Drive and Oruawhata Drive at the Rotorua Lakefront. Entry to the hall is from the Lakefront side of QE Health.

9:30am Registraton for a 10:00am start
10:00am Opening THRUM along 
11:00am Open Mic 1 for group or individual performances
12:00 noon First Timers Workshop with Jane Solly
12:00 noon Play By Ear Workshop with Ruby Solly
1:30pm Open Mic 2 for group or individual performances
2:30pm Beginners Workshop with Jane Solly
2:30pm How to Arrange a Song for Groups with Ruby Solly
3:30 THRUM along 2
3:30pm Bass Workshop with Rob Paterson
4:30pm Open Mic 3
5:30pm THRUM 3
5:30pm Pedals Workshop with Chris Webber
7:30pm Concert performances by selection from open mic - opening with the Cranky Blue Cheese Challenge between The Thermaleles and Fourin Abar

Sunday QE Health Recreation Hall

9:00am Jam
A "Ukestra" type event with all players having practiced their chosen part of 2 or 3 songs performing them together. We'll get the songs out to you well before the event so that you can choose the part that suits you and practice at home, then you can meet up with others at THRUM and finally produce the combined effect

10:00am Forum
Ask questions and trade ideas and expertise with others

 !  Important Stuff
Updated 23 July 2019


Register each player with us ASAP -Name, group you play with (if any) and email address

Registration fee for the whole event will be $15 per person, and we would be appreciative of any koha for the workshops.

Non-players welcome to register too. There will be shakers available in case the urge takes them!

Payment: Deposit your payment and any koha to:
Rotorua Ukulele 38-9012-0886524-00

  • Please include your name as a reference to identify your payment
  • Please email to advise payment made


DATE: Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 July

TIME: 10:00AM Saturday finish Sunday 1:00pm

WHERE: Rotorua - venues QE Health/Spa Recreation Hall, 

Memorial Drive /Oruawhata Drive, Rotorua Lakefront

Acommodation: Princes Gate are offering a classic room for $195 or an estate for $200. Both rooms twin share king bed. Estates can be split into 2 singles. Breakfast at $20 per person. Plenty of motels in the area.

Requests If you have any get them to us NOW!

Encourage your friends to join you at THRUM

Concert tickets available at $15 per person for non-players who don't want to spend the day at THRUM

Ukulele Workshops

Beginners and the Fairly New To It

First timers or very new uke players with Jane Solly - some ukulele will be available if you don't have your own. Jane teaches at The Rotorua Arts Village. 

Beginners ukulele with Jane Solly - learn how to play a song or two with a group and practice the songs for the Sunday morning combined performance. 

For All

Learning to play by ear with Ruby Solly - Ruby Solly is a Kai Tahu musician, writer and music therapist. She has worked running ukulele groups and workshops for over ten years, and has been lucky to perform with the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, Vic Manuel, and various bands on the Ukulele. She has also played ukulele as part of The Wellington Jazz Festival and loves exploring different genres through the ukulele. She loves how the instrument works as a community focused instrument, and enjoys finding ways that everyone can join in with the ukulele, playing or otherwise.

How to pull a song apart and arrange it for group with Ruby Solly

 Other things you've asked for

  • We've done our best but we might have to save some things for next time:
  • Using a condenser mic
  • Recording performances
  • Song writing technique
  • How to learn songs so that you can perform without the music
  • Basics of jamming
  • Harmonising
  • Something funny to watch -perhaps our challenge with Fourin Abar might qualify

Intermediate and Above

Bass for intermediate and above with Rob Paterson (Cairo and Shejus Greedy) - Rob is the bass player from the original band, Cairo, that played at Tudor Towers night club at the old Bath House that is now the home of Rotorua Museum. The band was known internationally and toured with Roy Orbison and The Commodores before buying their own future in the form of the lease of the night club. You will need your bass and practice amp for this workshop.

Using pedals and effects with Chris Webber - talented guitarist and ukulele player. Not only a talented musician but also father of Jordi Webber.If you've ever wondered how effects pedals work, Chris will feature looping, octave and harmonising pedals during his workshop. You should be able to have a go at them all 

Enquiries and Registrations for THRUM to